6 years ago

Poodle Refuses To Budge From The Car

Every clip in the world wide web that shows someone throwing a temper tantrum is sure to become viral, and this clip is no exception! Every parent knows - you do not underestimate the power of a protest, whether it comes from your kid or from your dog and this woman just had a crash course in the skill.

She just drove her apricot poodle in the car and is asking her to come outside on her own “Come, come to me" she says, but the poodle isn’t having it! Instead, the dog burrows her head in the car seat. “Come on, you can’t be here on your own, you have to come out, please".

When the woman sees that her please bear no fruit, she closes the driver’s door and walks to the other side of the car. Do you know what she finds on the passenger side? The dog isn’t there! The clever poodle knew that her owner would come on foot for her, so she changed sides! Game on, pooch!

The woman closes the door and goes back to the driver’s side and can you guess where the poodle was? Yep, back to the front passenger’s side. We don’t know if she is super smart or just really set on annoying her owner! Either way, it is hilarious!

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