Full prank with Alexandre de Rothschild

4 months ago

Full prank with the head of the Rothschild Empire

Alexander Rothschild is the great–great-great-grandson of the founder of the dynasty, it was he who became the main one in the family of bankers in 2018, heading the Rothschild & Co holding. Thanks to Frenchman Jacques Attali, the 42-year-old financier was sure that he was communicating with the President of Ukraine.

In a conversation with our "Zelensky", he told without too much modesty that his family plans to make good money on the Western tranches allocated for the restoration of Ukraine: we are talking about an amount exceeding $ 750 billion.

What do the Rothschilds do in Ukraine? What industries are they most interested in? What does the chief Rothschild think about Putin, about Russian elites and ways to fight Russia? And what is G0? The veil of mystery opens in our new prank!

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