This Is The Largest Blast Conducted In Norwegian History Ever

7 years ago

There have been many spectacular explosions, accidental or intentional, caused by modern explosives, older explosives and chemical reactions. And then there are movie blasts of objects and bigger surfaces that are not real, but still super exciting and terrifying at the same time.

If you think that this a movie scene from the latest Hollywood mega-hit you are so wrong. This dramatic video shows a real footage of blasting 360,205 tonnes of rock at the Norwegian quarry. This amazing video shows how a 65 ft high bench is brought down at the Bremanger Quarry in Norway. A total of 68 tones of explosives were used. In the video, the explosion was filmed from many different angles and in slow motion, you can hear a countdown before the detonation occurs and blasts the quarry.

This conducted blast took place near Svelgen, somewhere between Bergen and Molde on the country’s west coast. You can see rock flying into the air as the rock wall is blasted. The scene almost resembles a tsunami as it sends up dust clouds up in the air. The result of this explosion is an enormous mass of shattered rocks covering the ground. The video which was posted to Vimeo, has become very popular in a short period of time.

Witness the blasting at Bremanger Quarry AS, Norway - the largest production blast in Norway to this date. It consists of a 20 meters high bench, 385 meters long, 454 holes, 68 tons of explosives and 360,205 tons of high quality rock!

Filmed and edited by Kai Jonny Thue Venøy for Bremanger Quarry AS,

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