It's Feeding Time For These Cute Orphaned Bear Cubs

Published July 9, 2016 7,353,474 Views $197.79 earned

Wildlife conservation is the attempt to protect endangered animal and plant species, along with their natural habitat. The main objective of this practice is to make sure that their habitats will be preserved so that the future generations of both wildlife and humans can enjoy it. This is one inspirational video of a fascinating activist who spends his time taking care of these lonely bear cubs at the Orphan Bear Rehabilitation Center (OBRC) in Russia.

Sadly, these lovely little bears were left without female bear presumed to be their mama. As terrible as that beginning is, the bears are now in better care. We can see in the video how the activist prepares special ingredients mixed with milk for the bear cubs to eat. Similar to big cats, bear cubs are born blind and without hair and are entirely dependent upon the mother. They need a lot of care and love so they can eventually go back to the wild. The babies can hear the man coming from far away so they start making this cute squeaky noises as a mix of excitement and hunger at the same time.

As he opens the door they rush directly to the plates and start eating immediately as they fear that someone will maybe take their food away. Their plates are empty, now they are happy babies with full stomachs and smiles on their faces.

They say goodbye with great love for him because the best way to the heart is through the stomach!

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