Off The Edge: A Freerunning Web Series

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Published: July 8, 2016


Check out the best moments of Off The Edge - Season 1 in this EPIC wrap up. Be sure to show your support and help grow this tour and sport by Liking and Sharing this video everywhere. This series was a huge undertaking in every aspect imaginable. Thank you to everyone who has been watching and supporting the series and the tour. Thank you to everyone who helped us along the way and made this journey possible. A HUGE thank you to Giles from Visive Productions for his amazing work filming and editing this series. If you want to see the documentary, buy a DVD or be a VIP on the USA tour go to

In 2014 Pro freerunners Jesse La Flair and Cory DeMeyers created and executed the 1st leg of the largest parkour and freerunning world tour ever created. Season 1 of the Off The Edge web series follows the two Tempest Freerunning athletes from the planning stages in Los Angeles across the world as they travel throughout Europe bringing communities together while hosting record breaking jams and screening their From Here to There documentary film to audiences in 8 different countries in less then 30 days.

NEXT EPISODE: coming soon

“Remember we can only be the catalyst for something this big, we have taken the risk and put our necks on the line here, we chose to put our blood, sweat, and tears into this tour and series and are continuing to work on producing the highest level of production as we can to help give the sport the professional look and feel it deserves. So we are genuinely asking and truly hoping for your support in helping spread the word on social media and appropriate pages and platforms. The bigger this gets the more we can all do together.

Please let me know if you have any questions and concerns about how we can improve or help better reflect and protect the image of our sport.” -JL

Thanks in advance for your support,
-Jesse La Flair and the whole #GoingOTE Team.

Special Guests include: Johan Ståhle, Bart Van Der Linden, Pedro Salgado, Luís Alkmim, Pasha “The Boss”, Jason Paul (Team Farang), Luci Romberg, Gabe Nunez, Frosti Zernow, DK Kyrsanidis, Dom Di Tomasso, Gysmo (Free-z), Joel Eggimann, Kie Willis (Storm Freerun), Pamela Forster (Ape Connection), Alex Schauer, Marcus Zyrken Gustafsson (Air Wipp), Sacha Powell, Callum Powell (Storror), Joseph Marx, and many more!

Off The Edge

Jesse La Flair

Cory DeMeyers

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