Puppy Hears Kids Screaming Downstairs, Conquers Fear Of Stairs To Help Them

7 years ago

Humans regard stairs as set of steps meant to connect two floors, but for dogs stairs can be perceived as obstacles that can also be a bit intimidating, especially when it comes to small-breed puppies who were never introduced to stairs before.

If your dog is scared of stairs, you may often see it struggle with the desire to be re-united with you and the fear of going up or down all those stairs. This can lead to approach avoidance behaviors where one moment he seems really motivated to go up or down. Dogs tend to be fearful of the unknown and this is an adaptive instinct that back in time turned handy as it prevented dogs from getting themselves into risky situations.

This adorable Labrador Retriever puppy was just learning how to walk down the stairs. It turns out that this little pup was in a real rush to get down stairs so he found his own way down!

We perceive stairs as a series of steps to be taken one at a time, while dogs see stairs as a huge, big obstacle. When they look at a stairwell from the top, it may look like a giant step cliffand when they look at it from the bottom it may look like an insurmountable obstacle.

When teaching a dog or puppy to navigate the stairs, it can be especially beneficial to have some treats on hand for encouragement, and to maintain a calm and patient at all times. Steps can be daunting for a pup at first, but with a bit of support, he'll get the trick!

This puppy conquers fear when he hears children screaming in the next room, and this instinct comes as the best motivation for him to get brave and dive in the stairs. He takes a courageous leap and slides down the stairs in the cutest possible way. Eventually he finds out that these stairs weren't so scary after all.

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