Takeda Ryu AikiGoshindo (Aikijutsu) DVD Trailer

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Published: July 7, 2016

A very interesting and practical video on history, traditions and martial techniques of a reknown samurai tradition - AIKI JUJUTSU of the TAKEDA samurai clan, made by profesionals from France TV 1.
Supervised by Shihan Roland Maroteaux, this DVD presents for the first time on video, historical condition and evolution of a reknown secret martial art of the Takeda Family - AIKIJUTSU - the ancestor of Aikido (made by O Sensei Ueshiba)
This DVD includes many chapters on:
- history and traditions of the Takeda samurais
- basics of Takeda Ryu Aikijutsu
- Ukemi Waza ( rolling and falling)
- KokyuHo ( breathing, developing KI by correct breath and posture)
- Kamae (correct posture, body allignment)
- Sabaki (body movements)
- Kihon Waza ( fundamental techniques)
- Henka Waza (aplication techniques)
- Shihan Waza ( advanced techniques against weapons and many enemies)
- Test of innner energy - KI
- Consideration on Zen Mind and Self Defense

Available at http://www.takeda.ro
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