Sneaky Cat Hiding In Suitcase Keeps Dog Entertained Playing Hide And Seek For Hours

Published July 7, 2016 70,696 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsA hilarious footage has emerged of a cat and dog playing peek-a-boo. Footage shows a dog patiently waiting in front of a suitcase, staring at the think with pure fascination!

This adorable cat and dog duo playing hide and seek will definitely put a smile on your face! There's nothing like a good old fashioned game to pass the time before a flight! This is also clearly the best way to utilize your luggage bag!

Every cat owner knows that it is very important to provide an adequate hiding place available in your home for their felines to feel safe. There are times when a cat wants to be visible and there are times when he wants to be invisible. Cats will deeply appreciate the availability of secure hiding places in your household. For some cats the hiding places may just be cozy napping areas out of reach of the family dog, but for other kitties those hiding places may be viewed as sanctuaries from fear.

Apparently, the patient canine isn’t staring at the suitcase for no reason. He is not out of his mind and is not seeing appearances. He is actually waiting for the cat to come out of her hiding place and come out place, since it is her turn to seek! This may be the sweetest hide and seek game we have seen, featuring cats and dogs.

Maybe cats and dogs are known for not getting along together, but this duo is having the time of their lives. Watch as the curious dog waits patiently for the cat to show her head and reach his paw to say ‘Hi’. Cuteness overload!

Next time owner goes on vacation, he should better check his suitcase for maybe some of his pets fell asleep inside, while waiting to be found! Adorable!