Extreme Cyclist Road Rage Girl Driver

youorig Published July 6, 2016 125,364 Plays $408.38 earned

Rumble / Road Rage - This is 19yo Samantha getting caught up with some cyclists who refuse to let motorists past and refuse to go in single file. Excuse the language it is extreme road rage.


  • Elecfun, 2 years ago

    I bet her parents are proud

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  • steveroxx, 1 year ago

    Bicycles should not be on roads

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  • vufindr, 1 year ago

    Yup, they do the same thing here in SoFlo where we have bike lanes. Like the girl says "and then they wonder Why they get hit !"

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  • beadsy, 1 year ago

    Australia as a country is extremely bad for road rage and young angry Aussie women like her are quite common,and those cyclists were riding single file which is the correct way,that girl is a nutcase

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  • cameronsdad1120, 1 year ago

    cyclists always say that the Cargers should "Share the Road". Yet it's the cyclists that don't want to "Share the Road".

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  • DavidMcNab, 49 weeks ago

    What did the cyclists do wrong? Somebody with that much rage should never be allowed to drive.

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  • HelloThere69, 46 weeks ago

    Just a normal day on the streets of California..

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