Tyler the Tortoise Has the Munchies

ViralHogPublished: July 6, 2016732 plays$2.75 earned
Published: July 6, 2016

Occurred on June 23, 2016 / Los Angeles, CA, USA

Info from Licensor: "Tyler is 125b African Sulcata tortoise who is 13 years old. He will live to 100 or more. He is our family pet and lives outdoors but has his own house on our patio. I started filming him because he is so comical and personable and I didn't think anyone could believe me. He is downright hilarious. It's like having a dinosaur in our yard. He literally lives for the day he can break into the house (he can open the sliding door with his beak) and he is constantly exploring. He is legal to own in CA but it is a lifetime commitment and we take his care very seriously." - Van Nuys

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