Ohio Township Police Save Overdosing Man

Published July 6, 2016 3,560 Plays $6.15 earned

Rumble / Dash Cam FootageInfo from Licensor: "While on duty, I was notified of a vehicle driving erratically. While checking the area, I located a vehicle parked on the side of the road that matched the description given. Upon checking of the driver, I realized that he was not breathing and did not have a pulse. I pulled him from the vehicle and applied AED. After a round of CPR, he regained a pulse. Watched over him till EMS arrived. You will notice in the video when he regains a pulse. His arms move. Before the video is over and the medics load him up, you can see him raise his head up and start speaking with them." - Stephen Panormios

Occurred: Ohio Township, PA, USA / April 16, 2016


  • DavidMcNab, 3 years ago

    Much respect sir!

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