Raven's First Time on Treadmill

ViralHogPublished: July 6, 201621 views
Published: July 6, 2016

Occurred on October 25, 2015 / Silver City, New Mexico, USA

Info from Licensor: "I found this guy as just a baby. He and his brothers and sisters were laying on the ground under a huge tree. The night before, we had terrible winds. Upon walking our dogs with my daughter, we heard a faint caw/chirp type of noise and when we found him/her, he was the only one alive. Very weak. My daughter begs for us to take him in. So my wife and I decided that we would take him home and see how he does. One of the stipulations was that when we got home, my daughter was to get on google and learn everything there is to know about ravens including diet, habitat, nesting, etc. She found out that a raven in the wild will have a 15 year life span. A raven in captivity can live 40+ years. I read that the oldest raven ever lived to be 70. We let him do whatever he wanted. At night, we would put him in a large cage, complete with a big nest and perches, until he started to want to stay outside at night. Yes, we would let him outside. He could of flown away at any time, but he stuck around. We knew that it is illegal to keep a raven captive, so we never intended on keeping him, especially for 40+ years. He acted like a guard dog x10. He wouldn't let anyone on, or really get near our porch. He would "Caw" at them really loudly. He never attacked anyone but sure intimidated everyone. One day, some door to door church people came by, passing out literature. They asked about the raven, so I explained how we got him and what not. Telling them that he had turned into a pretty big nuisance. He would steal everything shiny that he could possibly carry, and some things he couldn't carry. He would tear things up with his beak, like weather stripping around the doors, the rubber around the car windows, everything. He was also pooping on anything and everything. I also told them that "I wish he would fly away to find a mate/friend or something. The next day, he was gone.
That was about 5-6 months ago, and we haven't seen him since." - Jeremy Rinker

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