The Green River

SevenPaid Published July 5, 2016 8 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment LifeCatch and release flyfishing for trout.

An afternoon on the Green River. This is a Westless short from the archives...on the dream stream where the trout are piled so thick, you're practically stepping on them while wading. Sometimes they fight 12 deep in feeding lines just off your heels. Watching this makes me sick for summer, and sick for the West. Nate and P$ do all of their own casting and fishing. We returned a month after shooting this, and there had been a massive forest fire in the area, completely changing the landscape, and the river...most of the trees were burnt or charred, and the vegetation in the river was choked with ash and soot. Music: Honey Hole by P$, from the Westless American OST.