Truck Tires Pop and Driver Loses Control

ViralHogPublished: July 5, 201617,199 plays$12.77 earned
Published: July 5, 2016

Info From Licensor: "I was driving on the A9. The truck overtook me and after he turned on his turn signal. In the video we can see a road sign that show us that a bay is not far from him. I think that the driver would like to stop in this bay but he had not got the time for and finished over the highway slide. You can also see that I was slowing to stop. But because of my load I can't stopped and I saw that other drivers were already stopped next to him." - Stasak Christophe
Location: A9 Highway, Nîmes, France
Occurrence Date: July 1, 2016
Credit: Stasak Christophe /

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