The 7th Annual A-Town Stomp Rollerblading Contest | Video Recap

Published July 4, 2016 53 Plays

Rumble / Extreme SportsAtlanta was swamped by a slew of swaggy rollerbladers this past weekend, thanks to the 7th annual A-Town Stomp. Hosted by the newly formed non-profit, Peachtree Projects, the hugely popular inline skating competition took place on the south side of the city in spectacular fashion. Heavy hitters from all over the country took to each obstacle at all three spots to grab the top spot with a $1000 prize. Second and third spots took $500 and $250 respectively. Even in the sweltering heat, heavy hitters like Jon Cooley, Phillip Moore, Zach Savage and so many more took the sport to new levels with incredible switch-ups, airs and variations. After the third spot was decimated, the judges began the deliberation process as the audience anxiously waited at the compound known as Bonfire ATL. More via!