These Enthusiasts Made A House Boat Of 100% Recycled Cardboard

Published July 4, 2016 1 Plays

Rumble When life presents you with a large cardboard box, do not throw it away immediately. You can simply recycle it or use the tons of interesting ideas recycling enthusiasts share daily on the Internet. Such is the inspiring project these guys have been tackling with for a while now. They have built a functional houseboat made 100% out of recycled cardboard; the best part is that it floats!

“The foolish man had built his house on the sand, but had it washed away.” These guys made their house out of cardboard and expect it to float. It took months of work scavenging hundreds of cardboard boxes thrown out by businesses around Stratford, England. And the result is a house made 100% of recycled cardboard.

“There are hundreds of laminated cardboard ribs. You can see this table top is an offcut of one of those ribs. It contains five sheets of cardboard that we glued together. There have been 150 pounds of PVA glue.”

It comes complete with two bunks, a portable television, a wine rack, a card table and even a bubble-wrap flag. Unsure of whether the boat will float, they coated it in varnish to waterproof it and they were hoping for the best as they were unloading it into the London’s River Themes.

Amazingly, it looks like all the hard work, cardboard and varnish has paid off. As always, it is true what they always say: whatever floats your boat!