Man Whips His Camera Out Just As Bridge Gets Hit By Lightning

SanjinZukicPublished: July 1, 201610,300 views
Published: July 1, 2016

They say you shouldn’t be outside in a lightning storm. There’s that whole static electricity and water and rubber insulation thing, we can’t really remember because we weren’t paying enough attention in science class. But it is still a sight to behold, watching nature unload all her anger on us, mere mortals, making us think how tiny we are against her might.

With the advancement of technology and the improvement of the rubber soles on our shoes, people have been running outside to get a good shot at a bolt of lightining hitting the ground. Most of the times it requires some awesome piece of equipment with an insane lens and shutter speed, but it seems that everyone with a decent amount of patience and a steady hand can capture the purple bolt of energy. And if you are really patient and don’t mind getting the tingle all over your body, then do what this guy did. Whip out your camera phone, press ‘record’ and be amazed at how mean Mother nature can be!

Because of the crazy weather, this guy was filming the lightining strikes in the hills of Mostar in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina. But incredibly it hits the bridge that is only 50 meters in front of him! You gotta see it to believe it!

The jolt lasts for so long, that you can actually pause the clip just as the lightning touches the candelabra on the bridge. It really is marvelous to see.

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    Bifida · 1 year ago

    Awesome yet frightening video. I jumped so high, I almost got altitude. Now, I have to get my dog, who hates storms, out from under the computer desk.. :)