Interview 518 with Shannon Rowan

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Shannon Rowan is a "WiFi refugee," social critic, free-thinking fine artist, photographer, geopolitical and health author and researcher, and EMF-awareness educator. She has a professional background in photojournalism and editorial writing, and is the author of Wifi Refugee; Plight of the Modern-day Canary, exploring the rise of "electro-sensitivity" among the general population (including her own struggle with the same) and the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. She is also co-author with geopolitical author John Hamer of Welcome to the Masquerade; Prelude to the Coming Reset, exposing all possible aspects of the Co vid-1 9 pandemic lie.
Shannon lives off-grid with her partner in the Northern California wilderness and spends her free time in healthy outdoor pursuits such as organic farming, sea kayaking and surfing.
More information about her work can be found at where readers and podcast listeners can find the latest updates about her upcoming books, new blog and article posts and links to all of her podcasts.
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