My horrifying Rumble experience!

Published June 29, 2016 205 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment LifeA true story.

Rumble is an amazing platform for video creators and those who love watching great videos! Unfortunately, I accidentally crashed their recent networking luncheon at VidCon with my entourage of homeless could have happened to anyone! Watch the video to hear my embarrassing and hilariously horrifying story!


  • brenmichelle, 4 years ago

    HAHAHA I was there, so great to hear the back story, was totally wondering the connections. I thought you handled yourself beautifully! Classic moment! BTW, when I got home, i realized my pants were split right up the middle so.......I feel you!!

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  • Yosemitebear62, 3 years ago

    Video or it didn't happen.

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