Prepare To Have A Good Laugh When You Hear This Babbling Squirrel

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Published: June 29, 2016

These 10 seconds will make your day, the week and the weekend after it, but first let us ask you this. Have you ever wondered what squirrels say when you leave treats for them? Sure, they’re excited to find some easy kibble, instead of just foraging around for it, but they go by so fast, we never quite get even a simple “thanks for the nuts".

One YouTuber was lucky enough to actually receive gratification for the treats he left for the friendly neighborhood squirrel. He caught the chubby little rodent on video, but there was a catch - the squirrel didn’t speak any English. Thank goodness K. John Stewart speaks perfect squirrel-ish and was more than happy to translate what the chubby guest was saying.

We imagine that the hyper little critters would sound exactly like Stewart is dubbing it. The squirrel, named Ramon, kept popping up on K’s porch after he started leaving walnuts out for him and his buddies. They usually just drop by, shove as many as they can into the pouches on their cheeks and hop away, but this guy had to stick around for a snack. After all, he has to maintain his gorgeous, round figure!

In case you are really good with your hands and you have some extra time, then definitely check out this luxury squirrel feeder in the shape of a lodge. It doesn’t say how to make it, but it might give you some idea.

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