You've been packing your suitcase wrong this entire time

Published June 28, 2016 115,927 Plays

Rumble / Life HacksIf you are a frequents traveler, then you surely know what a time consuming, nerve-racking thing it is to pack your suitcase each time! You have to fold each item impeccably, and stuff each nook and cranny with the tinier items and even then, you are faced with the situation when you just can't close and zip that thing up!
If you are fed up with this occurrence, then we are here to show you a little trick that saves time and space in your travel case, while sparing your nerves when you arrive at your destination!
Instead of folding your clothes, just roll them! Fold each clothing item once lengthwise and roll them tightly. This will draw out any air from the fabric and guarantee you that they will come out wrinkle-free! Just don't forget to unpack when you arrive, because clothing will eventually crease if it sits in that manner for a long period of time!
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  • Christina, 3 years ago

    Nah... it's easier to jump on suitcase until you can close it...

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