Lady Harasses Kid Outside of Target for Selling Candy

ViralHogPublished: June 27, 201697,101 views
Published: June 27, 2016

A kid was selling candy outside of Target and an older woman came up to them and started asking them if they had a license to be there. After a while the woman started yelling and harassing the young kid. A group of people started to form and a man stepped in and told the woman that what she was doing was not right. Everyone in the crowd started to agree with the man and told her to leave the young kid alone. The man who was arguing with the older woman then asked the kid how much all of the candy was. It all came out to about $80. What was not shown in the video was how the man walked back out of the store with the money and bought all of the candy. To prove that he wasn't playing a trick on us, he started giving candy to everyone who was in the crowd.

Live and let live. If something someone is doing doesn't concern you and no one is being harmed, then why should it matter to you? If you are thinking about selling candy bars, here is a link to several different types of candy bars that you can buy in bulk. This lady took it way too far. From lemonade stands to sales of chocolate, children have been doing this for years and no one has ever batted an eye until now.

What would have you done if you saw someone harassing a kid that was just trying to earn some money? Let us know in the comment section! This kid definitely didn't deserve to be treated like that whatsoever.

Check out this lady harassing a kid selling candy.

Occurred on June 22, 2016 / Rowland Heights, CA, USA

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