Here Is Why You Should Never Touch A Snake By The Tail

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Published: June 22, 2016

This video is absolutely astonishing! When the snake attacked it caused a jump scare that surely made you flinch! That is a very rare animal moment caught on camera in the town of Cuba, Alabama!

Here’s what Linda Munoz, the owner of this video, had to say about this unusual encounter:

"I had found a long snakeskin under the steps of my house in Cuba, Alabama, and I always keep anything like that to give to a friend who works for Auburn University's Environmental programs. A few days later, I was in the yard when Mr. Snake (a non-poisonous rat snake) came crawling by heading for our barn."

“I am always taking videos of nature to send to my two of which lives on Long Island, NY and the other in Portland, OR. That is the reason I said ‘This is going to be a good one’....I knew my kids would like it."

“I am a glass artist (mosaic and fused glass) and I won an award in February for ‘Best Environmental Community Project" given at the Environmental Educators Association of Alabama. My work with children involves creating mosaic benches and panels with environmental themes. I also have a mosaic installation in the United Nations' Worship Center in NYC. So, you can see, I have a real respect and love for all creatures, even the most feared in our midst!"

Credit: Linda Munoz /

Good thing that snake only hit her phone! Hopefully the phone wasn't damaged too bad, although a new cell phone on Amazon could always be purchased if it broke!

Do you have any crazy animal stories to share? Let us know in the comments!

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      Cosmo · 44 weeks ago

      Redneck hillbilly freak.

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        Kramer · 36 weeks ago

        She doesn't seem to be a redneck, hillbilly, or a freak, so what's with the name-calling? Could it be true that it takes one to know one & you know them all? Nah, you got this one wrong....

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          Cosmo · 36 weeks ago

          Seriously? I am guessing you are too if you can't recognize it when you see it. He 'bitted' my phone? Unreal.

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            GoldenGirl · 36 weeks ago

            What she said is "he bit AT my phone." Alabama dialect is hard to understand.

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            lazidazical · 36 weeks ago

            even if that's what she had said, it would be a normal "startled" reaction bonehead! it probably would have soundeded betterer to you had she thrown in a few curse words, right?!... 😂 get a job! preferably not as a news critic because you clearly don't understand dialects or that an up close and personal encounter with an angry bullsnake is pure awesomeness! #jealousmuch

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        lazidazical · 36 weeks ago

        a rednecked hillbilly freak would have known how to handle a bullsnake. at least she's out living life and not a kriticizing keyboard koward named kosmo! 😂😂😂 grow up and end the hatred. it stops with you! 👈

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          Cosmo · 36 weeks ago

          KMA you inbred, redneck POS. If you found nothing wrong with behavior, it's just another you.

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