Curious Rottweiler Dances Around Before Tasting A Sour Lemon Slice

Published June 22, 2016 85,118 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis is the heartwarming moment when a lemon slice causes hilarious reaction in one obedient canine. Watch as Zeus give up his adorable routine of dancing around the sour piece of fruit, much to viewers’ amusement! Reportedly, Zeus always wants what his owner is eating, so when his owner offers him a lemon slice he has the most hilarious reaction ever! Check it out!

Experimenting with food is one of the great experiences that life has to offer, given the numerous choices of taste, texture and aftertaste. At the end of the day we choose what we think is best for us and whatever our taste buds approve of. However, those sour foods that often catch us by surprise are most definitely the most dramatic experiences that often catch us off guard. This video is the perfect example of that!

Footage shows the hilarious moment when a lemon slice is offered to an energetic Rottweiler pooch, causing him to throw a serious temper tantrum, much to owner’s amusement. Apparently, the dog is being repulsed by the strong, sour taste of the yellow fruit, which causes him to dance uncontrollably around it! How cute is that?!

This video of a curious dog being introduced to lemons will definitely brighten your day. The adorable pooch is completely mind-blown by the lemon slice and his reaction to this new sour taste is priceless.This pooch is dancing around the lemon slice, mesmerized by its sour taste.
The huge Rottweiler pooch looks puzzled by the strong smell which results in funny reactions. It seems like the dog is jumping for joy, but it is actually a negative reaction to behold.

Wanna know how to keep a dog busy? Just check out this curious pooch completely losing it over a slice of lemon! Hilarious!


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    Hahaha poor dog :)

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