Baby camel takes very first steps

alfabrandPublished: June 22, 2016Updated: June 23, 2016102,675 views
Published: June 22, 2016Updated: June 23, 2016

Here you see the wonderful gift of life in its purest form. This video shows a camel and her calf and one of their first moments together. This calf is getting all the courage it can from its mom to stand up on its legs. Here we witness the miracle of life and the calf's first steps.

The wild can be very unforgiving which means that the calf needs to take its first steps as soon as a couple of hours after its born. This is a process in which the mom helps her calf by encouraging it and helping it stand up. As that happens they are both on their way through the wild in search of food and water. The calf stays by its moms side for a couple of years until its strong and confident enough to be able to make it on its own.

Again, you must take a look at this amazing footage of an adorable baby camel in the moment it takes its very first steps.
This video was filmed at Sosto Zoo, Hungary.

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    Johnny · 1 year ago

    beautiful thing

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    LoganStone · 1 year ago

    Cute :)

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    Nica22 · 1 year ago

    Amazing! I wish we could do the same... :) Walk after few hours of birth... :)

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    kurbanana · 1 year ago

    nice nature :D

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    Wow, amazing...

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    So cute

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    Nice nice..

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    DaveCasado · 1 year ago

    Nature is amazing!

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    Aaron88 · 1 year ago

    it needs to get up alone, so it can be ready for life :)

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    Leticia21 · 1 year ago

    wow I hope I will see camels in person once :)

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    Petar97 · 1 year ago

    So cuteeeeee :D

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    Petar97 · 1 year ago

    So cuteeeeeeeeee

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    Sebastian33 · 1 year ago

    This is so cute, way to go little camel :)