Touched By Prayer ~ Arise And Shine Walking In The Glory with Diane Nutt

In the Book of Isaiah Chapter 60, there is a quickening of our spirits to Arise and Shine. The darkness may feel like it's winning, but take heart God is raising up those who know the victory is the Lord.

How do we live a life where we can arise out of our troubles and shine bright reflecting the glory? It was already given to you when you said yes to Jesus.

My guest is Diane Nutt and she is a glory carrier of the presence of the Lord. Diane is being used mightily by God to bring about change in the hearts of people. She carries the mantle of an Apostle as well as a Prophet.
She has not only impacted individuals but also cities and regions for the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to bring people into the Presence of God, to execute judgment and truth so that the lost will be found, the hurting will be healed and the bound will be set free by the Anointed One - Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

She oversees the Church of His Glory with her husband, Pastor Kenneth Nutt since March of 2000. She also is President/Founder of Dove Ministries for 28 years. She hosts Dove Ministries of Love, a radio program since April 2010. You can watch her TV program, Encountering Him, on ISN, which is Sid Roth’s Network.

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