Raccoon Mom And Her Babies Help Each Other Climb Wall

7 years ago

They say “teamwork makes the dream work”. A team is very important when working towards a common goal, where every member contributes based on their unique skill sets. No one measures how much they have done to reach the goal, as long as things are in motion to get there.

Some have longer legs, others have stronger upper bodies. There is no room for ego here. Just form the chain and leave no bandit behind.


This was probably the pep talk that this raccoon mom gave her babies when one of them got left on the other side of a wall. We can’t say we are surprised, given how handy and resourceful they can be.

A police officer working security for a high school in Camdenton, Missouri spotted the family team of raccoons working close together to get the last baby up that wall and back with them again. Of course, Chris Williams whipped out his phone and pointed his flashlight in their direction to record the amazing moment.

What we love most about this teamwork is that the baby on the bottom doesn’t just sit on its tail, waiting for the rescue team to do their thing. While they struggle to hold their ground, the bandit cub tries to climb up, ever so silently, so that the rest of the team has it easier to grab a hold of him and pull him up.

When the baby reaches the mom, she grabs him by the back of the neck, as any animal mom would, while the rest of the cubs pull on her behind. What an amazing idea, a coon chain! It is no tiny baby, we can tell you that much. The mom seemed like she is having a hard time keeping her grip on the cub, but the rest of the team did their job of pulling them both up in virtually no time at all. Mission accomplished.

"I am a Police Officer in Camdenton Missouri and was working security one evening at the local High School,” Officer Williams says about the encounter. “I saw the mother raccoon on the wall with one of her babies as she was attempting to get her other baby over the wall. The mother raccoon leaned over the wall as the baby held onto her legs so she could reach out and grab the other baby and pull him up. A great example of a mothers love and teamwork! The raccoons have been staying in the wooded area behind the high school and several faculty members have seen the babies out playing a few times in the morning so they are definitely living close to the area."

It seems that masked bandits are true masters of teamwork. So much so, that they are even able to help their human companions with regular, mundane tasks. Like taking off their socks, for example.

When you hear the word raccoon, chances are that your mind wanders to a place of wildness, disgusting, and probably somewhat fearful. We're taught that they're infested with rabies and dangerous to us, but did you know that you can, in fact, get them as pets one way or another? Well, you can, and for some, they make for great pets! They can even help you with your little problems, just like this one that removes rocks from the bottom of her owner's shoes. How adorable!

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