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4 months ago

Today we are joined by Shemane Nugent, TV host, blogger, podcaster, fitness instructor, and author of the recently released Amazon best selling book, “Killer House”, to discuss what happened to her and her family when they were exposed to toxic mold growing in their house. She tells us about how the mold was destroying her health and the health of her husband, rock star legend, Ted Nugent, and their son, Rocco. She explains that to be healthy, people need to know what’s in their soil, air, and water. We also discuss Shemane’s 43 year career as a fitness instructor and she shares some practical tips to help families live healthier lives through nutrition, exercise, and spiritual maturity. Shemane also tells us about what it is like to be a Bow Hunter, Queen of the Forest, and highlights some of the work she and Ted are doing on their very popular TV series, Spirit of the Wild.

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