Bear with Head Stuck in Can is Rescued by Fish and Game Biologists

7 years ago

Occurred on June 13, 2016 / Alaska highway, Alaska, USA

Info From Licensor: "I was driving out to Midway Lake, a lake where we keep our floatplane. About mile 1297 on the Alaska Highway I observed a semi truck and a few other vehicles parked in the roadway, as I pulled up alongside the semi truck to ask if he was broke down, he told me that there was a bear with a can stuck over his head behind his truck. I got out of my vehicle and started videoing the bear as it walked around the area, many times walking into vehicles, and walking right by me. I called the Alaska Fish and Game office in Tok and informed them of the situation. They told me there have been other calls as well and how much I thought the bear weighed so they can bring the right amount of tranquilizer. I then continued to Midway Lake and returned about 20 minutes to a half hour later. As I returned to the scene I saw that the bear was laying down behind and beneath the semi truck. I assumed that it had already been drugged but found out that it had laid there after I left and had been laying there since. The fish and game biologists then shot it with a tranquilizer and after about 10 minutes they cut the can off his head. We carried the bear a couple hundred feet into the woods for it to recover. I then left the scene."

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