Busking With Four Cute Little Kitten

amejass7974Published: June 13, 20165 views
Published: June 13, 2016

Busking was held and videoed in Pulau Pangkor, Perak, Malaysia On 24 April 2016 @ 10.00 pm. This video shows the buskers who popularly known by JASS PANGKOR BUSKERS as usual, perform his busking session. After 2 hours of busking, he feel so tired and stop busking, he then sit and drink tea meanwhile start strumming and singging a few songs till the last song he sang, a malay song KEINDAHAN PANTAI, the 2 kittens turn up and sat still and calmly in front of him.. after that then the other 2 kitten come and join to be the spectators. The kitten seems enjoying the show when they move their head and ears while listening and watching him played guitar and singing. It was so amazing and looks funny and touched. For him, he is a performer and busking is one of his free time activities.. he love to sing while playing guitar and as a true performer, he want to make his crowd enjoy. The different is this time his crowd is an animal, a cat.. It was the first time this situation ever happen in his life.. it is so amazing.. so unpredictable and so pleasant.. the act of the little kitten really touched his heart and he is so happy as the cat really enjoyed his show.. He really hope and mind, If the cat enjoyed his show.. he hope that everybody else who ever watched his show and busking will like and really enjoyed it too.

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