A 4-Year-Old Drives Cars Like An Experienced Driver

Published June 13, 2016 10 Plays

Rumble Whilst most four-year-old boys are content to play with toy cars and only learned to walk not so long ago, young Katiresh is already driving a car.

“Once, while I was driving the car, he asked me if he could drive the car, and the very next day I started to teach him how to drive a vehicle. On exactly the 29th day, he started to drive just like a very experienced driver. He can drive anywhere and everywhere, and without anybody’s help”, says Katiresh’s father Vijaykumar.

Katiresh can drive at the speed of 43.5 mph or 70 km/h and has driven approximately 20 miles (32 kilometers). What is the next stop for Katiresh? He wants to be a Formula 1 racing driver.
This video proves that all drivers can be taught to drive if adequate methods are both applied by the mentor and followed by the learner, even if that learner is only a four-year-old boy. In our case, Katiresh started getting driving lessons from the moment his eyes could reach out from behind the steering wheel, sitting on his father’s knees. Let us hope that he will continue driving at all times under the mentorship of an adult and that this boy’s dreams of becoming a Formula 1 racing driver will come to fruition one day.

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