11 Classic Dim Sum Dishes You MUST Try!

thefoodrangerPublished: June 12, 2016Updated: June 16, 20167 views
Published: June 12, 2016Updated: June 16, 2016

Dim Sum is a must eat Chinese food in Southern China. You definitely need to try these 11 classic dim sum dishes! I came to Guangzhou to eat Cantonese food, and decided to try the best 11 dim sum dishes here, the home of dim sum!

As I walked into this classic dim sum restaurant in the core of Guangzhou, I was overwhelmed with excitement for all the food I was about to eat! I don't consider myself an expert on how to eat dim sum, but I have eaten my fair share and ordered what I thought were the classic dishes. The dim sum here was some of the best dim sum I have had, although the char siu bao was a little dry, I can still say that I was happy with the flavours and I would love to learn how to cook the dim sum recipe that these chefs use here in Guangzhou. It was truly authentic yum cha that almost anyone will enjoy.

If you're in China for food and travel, I truly suggest coming to Guangzhou to eat this amazing dim sum at the following restaurant location:

Name: 一盅两件
Address: (广州)中山三路108号英德宾馆3楼(近有骨气)
On the third floor!

Whether in Guangzhou or Hong Kong, you must order these classic dishes.

For your information, here are the proper cantonese names of the dishes below so that you can order them when you go to a cantonese restaurant:

#11: Lo Mai Gai
#10: Fung zaau
#9: Lo Bak Go
#8: Ngau juk jyun
#7: Chee Cheong Fun
#6: Ngau Zai Gwat
#5: Dan tat
#4: Fun guo
#3: Cha siu bao
#2: Siu Mai
#1: Har Gow

I hope this is helpful for you the next time you go to eat dim sum! Please leave me a comment down below, it helps a lot.

Thanks again for watching this dim sum food and travel video!

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