10 Most Dangerous Roads

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Rumble The unchanging, consistent open road can be relaxing; some roads require a bit more attentiveness. There are thrilling and terrifying roads all over the world.
assume driving down a pleasing road in some unfamiliar location, when around the bend the railing vanishes and the road thousands of feet below and narrows to practically a trail.

If you observe, you can see the skeletal remains of trucks and cars long lost. Sometimes the road less taken is less taken for a cause. And in the case of these Ten roads, it is because they may very well kill you. A 21 km (13 miles) former Grand Prix circuit situated in the Nurburgring, Germany now open to the public. Claim up to 12 lives annually and damage to the circuit has to be paid for by the relatives.

Dozens of accidents occur daily on 64 km(40 miles) Kabul Jalalabad, Afghanistan road. Features 609 meters (2000ft) cliff, impossible high-speed corners, and overturned buses.

New Zealand’s skipper's road is so dangerous that driving the precipitous route required a permit.
It is temporarily closed in 2012 after a small section collapsed into the river 80 meters (263ft) below.

The A537 highway in the United Kingdom dubbed the 'widow-maker', bikers see it as a challenge and try to complete it at high speed. Serious and fatal collisions on this road rose 127% in the 2000s.

Chinese Sichuan-Tibet highway mountains road home to landslides and low oxygen levels.
The Chinese army stands guard twenty hours a day at some sections to make sure it remains open.

Kolyma highway in Russia claim Over 2 million Gulag prisoners died building the 'road of bones' in a brutally cold climate. Barely used, truckers set out in pairs as breakdown could otherwise be fatal.

Egypt’s Luxor Hurghada road is one of the dangerous roads for tourists. Drivers do not turn their lights on at night, leading to head on collisions. Gunman attack those who leave their lights on. More than 60 tourists were shot and killed in 1997.

Cotopaxi volcano highway in Ecuador is a 40 km (25 miles) dirt track leading to the highest active volcano in Ecuador. Driving is impossible in heavy rain; it runs through a stream and is prone to flash floods.

Pan American highway in cost Rica also called home to the 'hill of death’, a stretch of road prone to flash floods and landslides. An altitude of 4 km (13000 ft.) causes sickness and impairs judgment.

North yiungas road in Bolivia also called The' road of death' and claims up to 250 lives a year. The narrow, 38 miles long (61 km) route has a 3000ft ( 914m) drop on one side and is prone to landslides.


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