List Of Interesting Facts About Mario

Published June 11, 2016 114,358 Views

Rumble Remember the Super Mario? If your childhood passed in the late 1980s - early 1990s, then, of course, this game did not pass you by. A little fat little man in overalls with recognizable black mustaches, - perhaps, the most famous character of computer games. If you too could play Super Mario for hours, you might be interested in some facts about this game. Celebrate the return of Mario and his kart with these ten curious facts about everyone's favorite plumber.

How did Mario become a mass murderer? And when did he develop a penchant for knitting?

The first Super Mario game was developed and released by the Japanese company Nintendo in September 1985. The character of Mario is older than the game: he was created by Japanese designer Shigeru Miyamoto and first appeared in the arcade Donkey Kong in 1981. It was actually to be a game about Popeye rescuing Olive but things did not go very well, actually, they became even greater than that! The frame of the game was taken from the game Donkey Kong. The character Mario is an Italian plumber in the Mushroom Kingdom, and his mission is the rescue of the princess. He is often helped by Luigi's younger brother. It is possible that Miyamoto took the name of Mario's brother from the name of the pizzeria "At Mario and Luigi", located next to the Nintendo office in Redmond, Washington. Despite the fact that Luigi is the youngest of the brothers, he is almost a head above in height over Mario's. This often happens, doesn't it?

The character of the game was not always called Mario. Originally he was called Ossan, which means "middle-aged man" in Japanese. Then his name changed to Mr. Video, the Jumper Man and finally came to Mario, after the creator's landlord!

Initially, Super Mario was an action game in which the character flew on a rocket, fired a laser cannon and a gun. Some elements are taken from another popular action Nintendo game - the Legend of Zelda. Both games were developed by Miyamoto himself and have similar motives (for example, in both games fiery sticks appear). There are more than 256 hidden levels in the game.

The mushrooms in the game were copied from Amanita Muscaria, and simply - from fly agaric, which, to all other things, can have a psychotropic effect on a person: you see things bigger or smaller from what they really are.

The soundtrack to the game, also known as Ground Theme, is one of the most recognizable melodies in the history of computer games. This simple theme, written by Koji Kondo, remained in the ringtone charts for 125 weeks.

Super Mario Bros is the best-selling video game in history: it sold about 300 million game cartridges around the world. In Super Mario Bros 3, the action takes place on islands, the shape of which resembles Japan. The castle is located on the site of Kyoto, the hometown of Nintendo.

Times change, the fashion and the new technologies and games come and go, but such a modest and unpretentious action game as "Super Mario Bros" will forever remain the best memory for those whose childhood was in the difficult nineties.

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