Contemporary Diseases May Cause The Same Disaster Depicted In The Walking Dead

Published June 11, 2016 12,262 Plays

Rumble AMC's The Walking Dead is one of the most popular TV shows in the world. But could the terrifying zombie apocalypse is depicts actually happen to us? Alltime Conspiracies investigates!

This is the perfect video for all conspiracy lovers. If you love to see events that could possibly have a conspiracy linked to it, this is a great video to watch. All Time Conspiracies channel uploads a bunch of interesting theories and possible ideas. This video is all about whether The Walking Dead, the American post-apocalyptic horror television series, could become a reality. Although most conspiracy theories are based on events that have already happened such as assassination attempts or explosions, this is a great video to see whether or not something crazy is even possible. Definitely watch if you love thinking outside the box!

Television show The Walking Dead began airing in 2010 on AMC. The show stars a cop and his family and talks about a disease that took over the nation and turned all the dead into zombies. The story is all about survival in this zombie-infested America. It is easily one of the most popular tv shows broadcasting in the USA and has been since its original airing. One might think it is impossible for this scenario to happen, but there is actually a Zombie Research Society that devotes its time to research like this. In fact, their research points to the existence of current diseases that could cause a similar disaster! That is quite scary! The video continues to map out whether or not The Walking Dead can become a reality.

The zombies in The Walking Dead, also known as walkers, are turned into zombies after they die and since the disease is in everybody now, they become zombies after death. According to the research of Zombie Research Society, the most plausible way something like this happening is through viruses. In fact, a professor of virology argues that it’s only an amount of time before a virus mutates into something like in The Walking Dead. If a virus were to target neurons it could turn the mind into one similar of a walker! It would be something similar to rabies in dogs which can make them more violent, delusional, aggressive, etc. Mad cow disease also reacts similarly with mental impairment, lack of coordination, and mobility changes.

The video also brings up the point that these viruses can even be changed deliberately. Terrorists groups often use biological warfare and mutating a virus to unleash on an enemy of theirs could be dangerous. It might not even be a virus that causes the zombie apocalypse, it could be toxins that can infect you!

In the show the breakout spreads around the world in about 3 months’ time, while researchers believe it would be much slower than that in real life. Enough time for quarantines to be put up! Obviously, this could change depending on the strength of the virus and the fact whether it is airborne or waterborne. If this was the case, then that Walking Dead time frame could be very close! This video offers a lot of theories for one to think about and it is up to you to choose what you believe in. This is quite the interesting watch! What are your thoughts on the matter?