The Battle for a Science of Physical Economy & the Clash of Two Physical Space Times

7 months ago

For thousands of years, humanity has been pulled between two opposing paradigms. Where one paradigm recognizes the moral reason built into the fabric of the universe itself as well as human nature, the other outlook asserts that the universe is governed by cold utilitarianism devoid of moral virtue. One promotes systems fit for free people and the other only for slaves.

In this long-form interview with Brandi Barnes and Vincent Boccarossa (of the Alternative Educational Alliance), Matt Ehret is invited to shed light on these two systems from ancient times to our modern era with a focus on the American system of political economy, its origins and its scientific foundations.

The focus, as you will come to see is the modern incarnation of this fight in the wake of the Gold Renaissance that fundamentally transformed the world and set the stage for the later 1648 Peace of Westphalia, Colbertist revolution in political economy and of course, the American Constitutional system of Franklin, Hamilton, Henry Carey and Lyndon LaRouche.

This positive, albeit forgotten western tradition has been working to united the 'arts', and 'sciences' under a higher science of human happiness for thousands of years and as we will see in this interview, the figure of Johannes Kepler and Gottfried Leibniz play extraordinarily important roles in this fight which is set in stark contrast to the political cult of Sir Isaac Newton and his devotees.

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