These Are The Top 10 Stupidest Lottery Winners

Published June 10, 2016 54,957 Views

Rumble You've had your 1 in 123,432,458 bit of luck. All you have to do now is invest wisely and live the dream. If only it was that simple for these simpletons!

10. Michael Carroll won $15.2m in the lottery. He used the cash to buy legions of cars and hold demolition derbies in the back garden. In 2010 he was spotted outside a job center after running out of money and in 2013 he was reported to be working in a biscuit factory.

9. Americo Lopes worked for a construction company and pooled money together with his colleagues to buy Mega Millions lottery tickets. One day Lopes found that one of the tickets had won $38.5m. He decided not to tell his co-workers and quit his job straight away. However, a news website published his story and his co-workers read about it. They sued him and the court ordered him to share his money 5 ways.

8. Denise decided to divorce Thomas after 26 years of marriage, because she won the Lotto jackpot of $1.3m, 11 days before. When Thomas mistakenly received a letter addressed to her about the lottery winnings two years later he sued her. The judge and jury gave Thomas every last cent of the haul.
7. Ian Galtress played the lottery multiple times with his lucky numbers, and one day he won $1.5m with them. However, he could never claim his prize because he had lost his ticket.

6. Jose Antonio Cua-Toc won $750,000. He was delighted, but worried about his legal immigrant status being discovered, he asked his boss, Erick Cervantes, to cash it for him. Cervantes claimed the ticket was his and kept all the money and Cua-Toc filed a lawsuit. Cua-Toc won the money back, but due to his citizenship status he faced deportation.

5. Evelyn Adams won the New Jersey lottery TWICE in the space of 4 months accumulating a total of $5.4m. She should have been set for life, but she decided to celebrate this by going to Atlantic City and she gambled almost all of it away. Years later it was reported that she was little to no money and lives in a trailer park.

4. Christina Goodenow bought a lottery ticket that ended up being worth $1m but she had bought the ticket using her deceased mother-in law's credit card. When the police found out, she was stripped of all the money and sentenced to probation.

3. Roger and Lara Griffiths won $2.8m in the lottery, but due to bed investments they were poor in 8 years.

2. John Ross Jr. won $2m in California's lottery and said that he was going to buy his own car. Three months later, Ross Jr. was arrested for supposedly helping to steal a Honda Civic.

1. Two unnamed brothers won the Kansas lottery receiving $75,000. They celebrated by having a weed and crystal meth-fueled party at their house, but accidently the house caught on fire. When firefighters and police got there they could see the amount of narcotics present and arrested them both for possession.
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