Discover What Would Happen If You Stopped Dreaming

Published June 9, 2016 129,036 Views

Rumble / Health & FitnessWe all wonder from time to time why we dream or what our dreams mean. Have you ever wondered what would happen if we just stopped dreaming altogether though?

Dreaming is one aspect of being human that is universal. According to studies, most people over the age of 10 dream at least four to six times per night during a stage called REM sleep. While some dreams may contain hidden meanings in the form of symbolic situations or metaphors, it seems that they often express what is currently clouding your mind, whether worries, hopes or anticipations. While some researchers argue that dreaming allows our body to encode short term memory into long term ones, others believe that dreaming is a means for the mind to work through everything in order to achieve psychological and emotional balance.

But what really happens when you drift off to sleep and dream? And what would happen if you stopped? There are plenty of theories. Some suggest that we would be unable to solve problems or learn anything new. Researchers have found that interrupting students during their dream sleep completely stops their learning abilities. This is because learning depends on memory and dreams help us form <a href="" target="_blank">memories</a>. So on the world in which dreams do not exists it is possible that you wouldn’t be able to learn anything. Chances are that if you stop dreaming you will slightly suffer from some sort of mood disorder, such as depression. Even after <a href="" target="_blank">nightmares</a> your brain is left stronger and healthier. That is because nightmares help you process intense emotions without real life consequences.

So, dreams are good for you. This is definitely something to think about when you drift off to sleep tonight.