Bobcat Climbs Tree with Hunter

Published June 9, 2016 2,589 Plays $5.68 earned

Rumble Occurred on May 8, 2016 / Galena, MO, USA

Info From Licensor: "While bow hunting, I was watching a hen turkey come down the hill behind me. She stopped and froze for about 2-3 minutes at which point she flew up into a tree and the bobcat popped out from behind a tree about 40 yards away. So I pulled out my phone and started recording. He spotted me and he only became more curious as he moved closer and studied me. Eventually he came around the front of my tree and I thought "wow what is this thing going to do??" Sure enough he jumped right up into the tree and up to a branch about 1-2ft away from me!" - Daniel Creswell