Horse's Game Of 'Play Dead' Drives Owners Mad

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Published: June 8, 2016

If you feel yourself tickled to a belly laugh by this clip of a Texan woman repeatedly screaming to her gray pony “Get up, Pinto", as the animal plays dead in a field, then you are not alone! The clip has been watched more than 30 million times, most of which are probably repeat viewers!

The grey pony called Pinto is owned by a couple who live in Kerens, Texas, and he just likes to <a href="" target="_blank">play dead</a> like good old Yeller – also known as lying with all fours up in a sunny field for large stretches of time. Now that is called living the good life.

Not only does Pinto like to think he’s a Golden Retriever, on occasions he likes to think he’s a cow too, because we can hear him protesting his owner’s urges with a very audible moo!

The whole thing might be cute and hilarious, but for Pinto’s owners, who go by Mark ‘n’ Kelly on Facebook, it is a nuisance, because people keep banging on their door to tell them that their <a href="" target="_blank">pony</a> had dropped dead in the field!

At one point, Kelly can be heard saying in the clip: “You’re embarrassing me for the neighbors … quit playing dead", which makes this whole experience that much more hysterical!

It is just brilliant!

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