Adorable Baby And Puppy Go For A Spin To Get Snacks

7 years ago

They say that it's pretty easy to teach your dog how to perform tricks. It just takes a little patience and a lot of snacks. While this man was teaching his pup how to do a twirl, his cute little baby decided that it would be fun to join in and have fun! This is one adorably talented duo!

Teaching your puppy to do new tricks shouldn’t be that difficult, but it sure takes some patience, but how does one teach a baby to do new tricks? Well, it turns out that you just need a puppy that does twirls to get the baby going. This funny video shows a white dog who has perfected the dance move twirl in order to get some tasty treats. His owner holds a treat above him and the dog spins around and around, like a record!

We can see that the baby is amazed by this performance and decides to give it a try! The baby starts spinning for a while, and then probably gets dizzy and stops. What an adorable duo! When this man was teaching this trick to his dog he probably didn’t expect that the baby will go along. Look at them go, the baby is really getting a kick out of watching his doggy friend spin and mimics the dog by starting at his own twirling pace.

Having seen so many videos of babies and dogs, we can draw the conclusion that babies and dogs go together like a duck on water. Nothing is more precious than seeing them playing, sharing and caring for each other. It’s very funny when you see one of them throwing tantrums while the other one getting the zoomies - it is pretty much the same thing. Babies and dogs are perfect companions and their energy can never be exhausted, they can jump and have fun all day long because their engine works on the basis of perpetuum mobile.

The duo in our video shows exactly that - a dog and his little human friend doing the crazy stuff around in circles. Who’s going to persevere more? Having in mind that the one is imitating the other and that dogs apparently have no notion of being dizzy, the baby is the one who’s going to give up the spinning game first. But that’s perfectly fine since the spinning game was meant for the dog and not the baby, the baby just took part because he loves to imitate his best friend in whatever he does. The baby will get the treat anyway, but the dog has to do a few tricks before he can have whatever tasty the owner is going to give him.

We kind of can’t help not falling in love with these two munchkins as they certainly made us grin from ear to ear, especially the way the baby feels dizzy and has to stop so to come to his senses before he starts spinning again.

Let’s hope they both got some treats after this one, because they pulled out a great performance!

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