Super Dad Saves The Day

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Published: June 8, 2016

All our dads are superheroes! They posses superhuman everything - strength, speed, patience….the list can be endless! It seems these superhuman traits appear the moment a man becomes a dad.

So if anyone of you hears that Hollywood is looking for someone to play Flash, call them and tell them we have found their guy! An innocent day at the park could have turned into a painful day at the hospital very quickly, had it not been for this dad’s superhuman speed!

At the beginning, it looks like any other family video. A man is at a park with a couple of kids and a plastic toy car. One girl is inside and another, bigger one is climbing on top of it, while a third one pushes the toy car down the hill. Everything looks good, the car isn’t speeding too much or anything.

The girls are having so much fun, but then we see the same dad running down the hill and surpassing them like lightning. Why, you ask? Because there is another girl at the bottom of the hill, right on the path of the toy car the other two are in! This just proves that dad’s are actually superhuman, because this one manages to save the girl at the bottom from getting overrun just in the nick of time! Phew.

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