Smart Dog Shows Little Kitty How To Fight

Published June 6, 2016 105,611 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesCats and dogs have a fabled reputation for not getting along so well. Do your dog and cat fight often? In many cases, what you see as “fighting like cat and dog” is usually just two animals just having a good old time playing together. Truth be told, there are also times when one of your pets is determined to knock the living life out of the other, so you better have to jump and stop them before somebody needs to go to the vet. This video is nothing like that. This cute puppy wants to teach his little furry friend how to stand up for himself!

Dogs and cats are pretty amazing pets. They pick up on our moods and they adapt to our lifestyles. People train their animals to do tricks and to act smart, but sometimes animals turn away from their human family and seek instruction from another animal. Just as this friendly doggo named Courage teaches his cat friend Cloud how to stand tall against his enemies.

The little kitty was forever jumping at the dog, trying to simulate a fierce feline blow, but the dog didn’t fight back. Instead, Courage, as the name suitably explains, avoided the attacks in many ways. It was his way of showing Cloud how to deliver an equal response to anyone who attacks him. It may look funny to us, but this seems like an important lesson for the little kitten.

Watch as Courage the dog teaches Cloud the kitten how to hold on his own!