Black Ops 3 Zetsubou No Shima Zombie Killer Plant "How To Grow Purple Water Plant"

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Rumble / GamingBlack Ops 3 Zetsubou No Shima Zombie Killer Plant "How To Grow Purple Water Plant" zombie killer plant to grow a purple water plant on zetsubou no shima you need water to grow a purple water plant or zombie killer plant you need to water the plant with purple water. also shows you how to grow a plant water locations and how to grow fruit.
Purple Plant
This water is found in the body bag room in the bunker. When grown, it acts like a monkey bomb when zombies are near it and will attract 4-6 zombies at a time slowly killing them and taking off their heads. Thrashers can be instantly killed by it if they get attracted to it. This plant is great for training nearby since it can attract some of the zombies saving you ammo and your life.
Fertilized Purple Plant

Same as before, but with shooting it with the KT-4 each round while watering it. You will know if it is upgraded if it is lined with yellow. The upgraded version will now attract up to 8 zombies and seems to last for longer before being destroyed.

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