6 years ago

Daredevil Rides His Unicycle Over 200 Foot Cliff

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Saskatchewan, Canada, daredevil JD Guignard casually rode his unicycle across a 200 foot cliff called Castle Butte in the Big Muddy Valley.

JD has since said that he believes he was the first person to ever ride a unicycle on the butte, which was what motivated him for the feat in the first place. He said that there was no real danger, other that having to fight against the wind, but luckily the wind was right at his back. The daredevil also admitted that he did feel some nervous jitter on his way up, but everything calmed when he reached the top, as he “became one with the unicycle". The stunning view helped too.

Who ever decided to cross the top of Castle Butte usually does it by foot, but JD had a different idea. The stunt performer, based out of Palmer, Saskatchewan took on the 60-meter-high formation on his unicycle, which is one of his specialties, which include mundane props like skateboards, bikes, cars and motorcycles.

Guignard is originally from Windsor, Ontario, but eight years ago while on his way to Whistler, British Columbia, to go mountain biking, he stopped in Palmer to visit a cousin and he just kept coming back.

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