Regal Dog Respectfully Rejects Her Dog Food

Published June 5, 2016 28,382 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThere are days in our lives when we’re so tired or so sick, that food becomes the last thing on our mind. We just want to snuggle to our favorite warm blanket and roll up in fetal position and stay like that forever. We would like to just contemplate the meaning of existence while being lulled to sleep by the rain hitting on the tin roof outside.

Well, it seems like this pup called Riley has come with a severe case of the rainy blues and doesn’t want to deal with any sort of food at all. She gets the royal treatment, a breakfast in bed and a regular scratch behind the ears, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for her. She sniffs the food, deems it worthy of eating, but when she actually puts the tiny kernels in her mouth, she seems to change her mind. She spits them out and a few moments later decides to try again, but to no avail. The dog food just doesn’t look appetizing. As if that wasn’t enough, she politely declines eating her serving by moving the whole plate, and the kernels too, with her mouth as far away from her as possible. She behaves like a tiny human, and we can’t help but love that about this regal lady!


  • HungVoTan, 3 years ago

    haha . i lke him

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