Two French Bulldogs Get Excited About Going To The Dog Park

7 years ago

When you want something really bad, than every word similar to "the one" gets your attention. Even if someone randomly mentions it, you get excited and start talking about it. When it comes to their favorite things, dogs are not much different than humans. They also have their favorite food, their favorite toys and their favorite places.

Like every kid, dogs also have their favourite playgrounds. Dog parks are their ultimate favorite. Fooling around with their buddies can be loads of fun and French bulldogs are known as the clowns of the dog world. They can be so cute and so funny, that they well deserve to go to the doggy park as a reward.

These two French Bulldogs get super excited when they hear the magic words "dog park". The two adorable doggies get all geared up to go dog park wild. When their owner casually mentions that they were headed to their favorite place, they wagged their tails and jumped all over the car in excitement. We bet the whole neighborhood around can hear them howl

"I have to be careful not to say "dog park" around my French Bulldogs because they get a little too excited" says their owner.

It would seem that this Frenchie owner knows his buddies all to well. We hope he made good on his promises got those adorable dogs to the park!

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