You Can Take Out Your Retainer?

ViralHogPublished: June 3, 201616 views
Published: June 3, 2016

Occurred on May 26, 2016 / Highland, UT, USA

Info From Licensor: "One morning woke up and my boyfriend was over, and he looks at me and says "you really need to get that thing removed."
We'd had this conversation before, I had my retainer inserted when I was 18 years old living in Wales, United Kingdom before I went off to school in Hawaii. It was a small, cheap orthodontist and they GLUED the retainer in. I didn't know any better, because they also glued the metal one to the bottom of my lower teeth, so I assumed it was normal. I had no idea how dirty it had gotten over the years, it was so gradual I didn't realize how bad it got! Imagine my surprise when my boyfriend Zane finally yanked it out and revealed my nice clean pearly whites underneath! I can't stop licking my teeth with my tongue now and feeling how smooth my teeth are. I'm so glad I finally got that awful thing out of my mouth" - Matthew Watts

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