This Guy Destroys Stuff With A Homemade Lightsaber

StarmutePublished: June 1, 2016Updated: June 2, 201670,499 views
Published: June 1, 2016Updated: June 2, 2016

Some kids find it funny destroying stuff around them, like for example, their sister’s teddy bear or her favourite doll, crashing you little brother’s car toy and so on. The list is very long and kids can get pretty inventive when they want to. The only problem with this video is that the troubles we see are not made by a little kid, but by a grown man!

By using a homemade lightsaber he becomes the master of destruction! He has build his very own homemade 5W 470 nm laser that destroy things! That’s the only thing to do when you have created your own toy. The force of the laser’s light can destroy lots of things and this video is a proof of that.

The party starts with 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky. Such a suitable music for this masterpiece!

Maybe you wonder what this laser can do? It can light up candles, matches, lots of matches. It can burn a lot of things like steel wool, paper bags, cheap LED flashlight, ping-pong ball. Things around it just melt… You can engrave your name in a wood using this laser. The poor teddy bear, this guy torments him a lot. He burned its heart.

We bet that popping the balloons was one of the most interesting parts of this video. All kinds of balloons, red, white, filled with water, small and big!

Imagine! Even Darth Vader got injured… This guy is a master of destruction!

Check out the incredible power this 'lightsaber' has as it sets everything it touches on fire. Amazing!

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    Melissa_James · 2 years ago

    Star Wars fans will surely love this video!

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    Wow this is so cooool!!!!

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      Starmute · 2 years ago

      Thanks! :D

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    jules993 · 2 years ago

    Wanna have this!!

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    Barbara88 · 2 years ago

    18+ video :D

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    The force is strong in that one!

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    Robertpeterson · 2 years ago

    wooow what is fucking this?

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    OMG!!! I want one!!! :O

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    haha, great !

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    May the FORCE be with you ! :)