This Prototype Homemade Car Might Be The Next Great Thing

8 years ago

A battery electric vehicle is a type of electric vehicle that uses chemical energy stored in rechargeable battery packs. They use electric motors and motor controllers instead of an actual gasoline engine for propulsion. They derive all power from battery packs and thus have no internal combustion engine, fuel cell, or fuel tank. They include motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rail cars, watercraft, forklifts, buses, trucks and cars.

Unlike other omni-capable wheels, my wheels do not require the vehicle to be built around them. This is a world first bolt-on application for anything with wheels. Designed to be used in all weather and road conditions. They are stronger, faster, and more accurately controlled than prior art. They can take a beating. The tires can have the same build characteristics (siping, grooves, rubber compounds etc.) as regular tires. Now you can drive in all directions, and turn on the spot, if needed. These are proof of concept prototypes. Finished wheels will be refined to target application requirements.

Setup on this car has an incredible 24,000 pounds of torque directly on the tires! speed can be adjusted for target application requirements by changing up the gearing ratios and with a speed controller.

No one knows about this invention. Please share/tell everyone!

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